2019 Events


Saturday, May 4

Pride Parade

Join us in Downtown Northampton to celebrate our diverse community!

11 AM



Saturday, June 1

"Unleash Your Inner Dragon" Open House 

Connecticut River Greenway Park, Northampton

9-11 AM

Registration encouraged, no experience necessary, age 18+

Youth 12-17 may attend with a parent/responsible adult.

June 8 & 9

We'll be at the Boston Dragon Boat Festival

Date TBD

From Northampton to the Boundary Waters (or at least the boundary with Hatfield)

Connecticut River Greenway Park, Northampton

5:30 - 7:30 PM

Registration required



Saturday, August 17

You can find us at the Riverfront Dragon Boat and Asian Festival in Hartford, CT




Saturday, September 14

ERDBA Championships

Mercer County, NJ



Saturday, October 19

Dancing with Dragons

East Mountain Country Club, Westfield

Come ready to dance in support of the Paradise City Dragons! Our 3rd Annual Dancing with Dragons fundraiser will be an evening of celebration and fun. Funds raised will provide direct support to team members.

There be dragons!